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  1. Tanzania safari tipping guidelines:
  2. How much should you tip on safari?
  3. Why tip on a Tanzania safari tour?
  4. How much do you tip a safari guide in Tanzania?
  5. How much to tip on safari
  6. Conclusion: It's not a tipping safari.

Whether you’re here to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro or go on a Tanzania safari, it’s vital to remember how it’s all possible.

Without your driver-guide, a safari would not be the same, and without the porters on Kilimanjaro, you would not reach the summit. The level of service you receive when you book a trip with Easy Travel is guaranteed to be top-quality, and we ensure our guests are met with the best service in the industry.

This post serves as our tipping guidelines for safaris in Tanzania, so if you’re planning on making a trip here, keep on reading. If you’re interested in knowing how much a safari in Tanzania can cost, read this in-depth guide.

Tanzania safari tipping guidelines: How much should you tip on safari?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much people should tip on safari in Tanzania. Tipping on safari is not compulsory, but it is greatly appreciated by your guide and driver, who work extremely hard to make your experience memorable.

So let us break it down by all those amazing people that help to make your adventure unforgettable.

Why tip on a Tanzania safari tour?


The official estimated living wage in Tanzania is around $462 per month, and the average income per month is $154. This average is nowhere close to the cost of living in Tanzania, and so foreign currency exchanges are vital to the service industry in Tanzania. In order for the quality of service to remain high, we humbly ask that all foreigners who come to Tanzania for a safari follow the guidelines set below to ensure proper tipping is paid out to safari staff. After all, the recommended tips are at a reasonable rate and are well worth it if you’re going to receive the best possible safari time.

At Easy Travel, workers are paid above the minimum wage. However, to sustain a fair quality of life, safari staff need your generosity to keep on delivering outstanding service. Our staff will always go the extra mile for you to ensure that you have the best possible time on your safari.

How much do you tip a safari guide in Tanzania?

Tanzania: how much to tip on a safari 1: how much should you tip in Tanzania?

There is more than just the safari guide, who works hard to ensure you receive the safari of a lifetime. Here’s a quick rundown of all the hardworking staff members:

Private guide/day driver:

Tanzania: private guide, day driver 1: how much should you tip in Tanzania?

Every safari package will include a professional private guide. The entire trip’s success will depend on your private guide. Your private guide will be your driver, and they will also be your encyclopedia. They are equipped with knowledge about not only the land and culture but also the wildlife.

Kilimanjaro guide/porters/mountain chef:

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Guide Porters Mountain Chef 1:

How Much Should You Tip in Tanzania?

Your mountain crew consists of a mountain guide, many porters, a chef, and the transfer driver. A single porter carries nearly 20 kg on a daily basis, which includes your tent, some of the cooking equipment, other equipment, and medical supplies. We only employ the most experienced guides for our Kilimanjaro team to ensure that your time on the mountain is safe and successful.

Kitchen staff:

Tanzania: kitchen staff: how much should you tip in Tanzania?

What’s the best thing to do after a long day out under the African sun? A warm, cooked meal by one of our amazing kitchen staff. Your safari package will most likely include a personal chef for your lodge, so it’s important to recognize the effort they carry out to ensure your safari trip is relaxing and free from any household stresses. Our kitchen staff will always give you excellent service, so consider tipping them the next time you’re on safari in Tanzania.

Hotel staff, house staff, and lodge staff:

Tanzania: hotel staff, house staff, lodge staff 1: How much should you tip in Tanzania?

Aside from the chef and kitchen staff, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, relaxing, and memorable safari. When you book a safari tour with us, our cleaning staff will take care of what needs to be cleaned while you’re out on a game drive and ensure that you always feel relaxed and comfortable.

How much to tip on safari

  • Tanzania Safari tipping guidelines How much should you tip on safari? How much should you tip in Tanzania?
  • Private safari or group safari
  • Private Safari Guide: $10 per person per day
  • Airport Transfer Guide: $10 Per Transfer, Per Person
  • Mountain: Private/group climb
  • Mountain Guide: $25 per day, / per group
  • Mountain Chef: $15 per day, per chef, per group
  • Mountain Porter: $8 per day, per porter, per group
  • Summit Porter: $10 per day, per Summit Porter, per group
  • Transfer Driver: $20 per transfer or per group

Hotel staff

Tip Box: $10 to $20 per guest per day.

The amounts we suggest here are only a rough guide based on the average tip each safari-goer usually gives. Tipping is a personal gesture of generosity, so there is no obligation to tip.

Conclusion: It's not a tipping safari.

Tipping while on safari is marginal compared to the actual cost of a safari. Like every other service industry, try to aim to tip your service providers with an extra 10-15% of your actual safari cost.

The quality of service rendered by us will always meet your expectations, and we will always ensure that you receive the best.

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