Boganivillie lodge

  • Swimming pool
  • Gayser
  • Restraurant
  • Walks
  • Massage
  • Picnic
  • Wine
Serengeti National Park

At Bougainvillea Group, we’re all about hospitality. Our main goal is to ensure that each and every guest who stays at any of our camps or lodges feels at home, enjoys their time with us, and leaves enriched and feeling like a friend. We’ve been providing comfortable accommodation, great food, friendly service, and Tanzanian hospitality on the northern safari circuit since 2005, but our roots in Tanzanian tourism go back many years.

Each of our lodges and camps has its own unique style and feel. Wherever you choose to stay, we’ll be sure to cater to your every need for comfort. And, by staying at any one of our places, you can explore and experience the many wonders of Tanzania. From the vast Serengeti plains, to village life and tribal cultures, to hiking in the Ngorongoro Forest, the full spectrum of ‘Unforgettable Tanzania’ is at your doorstep.