tarangire tortilis camp

  • Wi fi
  • Gayser
  • Fireplace
  • Restraurant
  • Solar Power
  • Game Drive
  • Massage
  • Picnic
  • Wine
Tented Camp
Tarangire National Park

Just 120 km from Arusha, our Tarangire Tortilis Camp is the perfect place for an introduction to the riches of Northern Tanzania. Our vision for the future – is an entirely female-run Tortilis Camp and we have begun by employing women at the Tarangire Tortilis Camp to be the first Tortilis Camp to reach this goal.

This spacious camp, built in-between a line of 4 magnificent Baobab trees looks onto a vast expanse of wetlands. Elephants appear as ships sailing through the long grass watched from the warmth of our fire pit area while you enjoy a drink and watch the sunset.

The Tarangire River is a life-giving spine for this National Park and attracts herds of over 1000 elephants, tremendous numbers of giraffe, and flows all year round – teaming with life for you to enjoy on a game drive right on the riverbanks.

Walking tours with a National Parks ranger and your driver-guide are a tantalizing experience where you can encounter everything from the largest elephants to the tiniest of insects. The ranger and guide will share deep insight into the details and sensations that are so unique to experience on foot. It’s incredible to think that such an exciting tented Tortilis Camp exists so close to Arusha, the perfect place to start or finish an itinerary of Tortilis Camp stays.